Monday, March 14, 2011

Community Read 2011

This year's community read selection is Three Cups of Tea, by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin.

There will be a book discussion in the community room on April 11 at 6:30 PM. Use our online catalog, call or visit the library to borrow a copy. Audio versions are also available.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Children's Historical Fiction

Audio Book:
In post WWII Russia, one boy dares to save an entire race of outlawed dogs - the German shepherd!
World War II has just ended when thirteen-year-old Mikhail finds a dying man and his German shepherd, Zasha, in the woods. It's dangerous - some say traitorous - to own a German dog after Germany attacked Russia, so Mikhail must keep Zasha a secret to keep her alive. Grades 4-7.

From the renewed Dear America series of historical-fiction diaries, this one belongs to 11-year-old Lydia Pierce. Lydia’s world turns upside down in 1918, when influenza kills her parents and baby sister. With no one left to care for her and her brother, they are taken to live with the Shakers in Maines Sabbathday Lake community. Since she has already lost so much, Lydia finds it hard to give up her favorite book and her grandmother’s ring as communal property, but little by little, she adapts to her new home. Lowry writes with simplicity and sensitivity, bringing Lydia’s world to life through concrete details and making the child’s resilience entirely believable. Unlike books in the original series, this one has the author’s name on the cover, though like the earlier ones, it extends the fiction in an epilogue summarizing Lydia’s later life. The back matter also includes historical notes on the influenza of 1918 and the Shakers, a section of related photos, and a note on the author, including comments on her research. A fine addition. Grades 4-7.

Twelve-year-old Will wants to be a drummer in the Union army, but he's stuck far from the fighting in his sleepy hometown of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Then the Union and Confederate armies converge on Gettysburg, and suddenly Will and his family are caught up in the battle.

From delivering important messages and helping the wounded to even saving a young soldier's life, Will takes readers on a firsthand trip through one of the Civil War's most significant battles. Grades 4-7.

Because his parents run the Boston tavern where British officers are staying, 12-year-old Daniel must be careful not to divulge his family’s allegiance to the Sons of Liberty. His father joins the New England army, leaving Daniel to help at the tavern and gather what information he can. Early in the story, Daniel is too frightened to cross the British in any way, but he slowly becomes more resolute and determined, and in the end, he risks his life to reveal a traitor to General Washington. Set in 1776, this historical novel weaves actual people, places, and events of the Siege of Boston into an engaging fictional narrative. Back matter includes a historical note, a time line, a glossary, a list of historical characters, and a bibliography of recommended reading. A good beginning for the Boys of Wartime series. Grades 4-7.