Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Be Free, Little Fellas!

Thank you to Lindsay Kuhn for a terrific experience and for sharing her knowledge and love of butterflies with us for our special program. We enjoyed having the winged beauties living with us in the library and the release was awesome - lots of learning, wonder and good ol' fun!

It was wonderful to have a great turn out of friends to bid farewell to the butterflies. Maybe they'll find a happy place to live right nearby.
Keep your eyes open for them when you visit the library!


Carol G. said...

Fantastic pictures, Tracy! And I love the Slide program you used. Really well done :)

hippochick said...

Wonderful!! How many attendees did you have?


Tracy W. said...

I was so enthralled with the butterflies, taking pictures and corraling the kiddos that I forgot to count heads! I know there were at least 32 or so kids, so add adults to that and I'd say at least 50 total attendees.
One thing I'm proud of is that after the presentation Lindsay mentioned how very well-behaved the Marion kids are.