Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Doing some traveling this holiday season? Stuck in the car? Kids squabbling in the backseat? Been there, done that. Here's a simple and FREE solution --

Before traveling over the river and through the woods visit our OWWL2Go site, where you can amaze your family with your *technological skills and preparedness by creating an atmosphere of **peace and tranquility in your family vehicle.
At OWWL2Go you can checkout and download audiobooks and eBooks for listening and viewing on your personal computer. Audiobooks can also be transferred to compatible MP3 players or burned to CD.

*it's not difficult, but you'll get credit for being clever.

** typical results may vary, as we cannot guarantee peace and tranquility, but since it costs nothing, you have nothing to lose.

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hippo chick said...

You are so clever and creative.